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40V, 100 Amps Management System for 6-10 Cells Lithium Ion Batteries

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Roboteq’s BMS1040 is a battery management and protection system for building cost-effective, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using low cost Lithium Polymer (LiPo), or Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells.


The BMS connects to an array of 6 to 10 battery cells at one end, and to a user load at the other.
Precision voltage sensors monitor the voltage of every cell. Precise, built-in current sensors keep track of the current flowing in and out of the pack, maintaining an accurate image of the battery's State of Charge and State of Health. Balancing takes places during battery charge.

The BMS includes a separate connector for battery charger. The charger’s voltage and current are monitored and an internal switch will automatically stop the charging when the battery is full or if a fault condition occurs.
The BMS support regenerative loads, such as motor controllers in electric vehicles or mobile robot application. A built-in bidirectional high power solid-state switch will disconnect the regenerative current source from the cells in case the later are fully charged and cannot accept more current. A secondary built-in switch will connect the auxiliary power port to an optional external brake resistor, in case of braking while the batteries are full.

Charge/discharge current, voltages, internal and battery temperatures are continuously monitored. The internal switch will disconnect the load in case of overload, over or under voltage, or over temperature. The BMS will act as a programmable circuit breaker in case of short circuit or continuous overload. The BMS is highly configurable: Temperature limits, voltage thresholds, current overload levels can all be set and changed using a provided PC utility. The utility can also be used to view and chart in real time the BMS internal parameters while the system is running, providing the user with useful data during system development and tuning.

State of Charge, voltage, current, temperature and other vital parameters are available on a front connector using selectable communication schemes, including USB, CANbus, RS485 or PWM. A push button and LEDs are also provided for quick visualization of battery charge level and system status.

Max Voltage 40
Number of Cells Max 10
Number of Cells Min 6
Max Load Amps 100A
Max Charge Amps 50A
Power connections Screw Terminals
RS484 Yes
CANbus Yes
Bluetooth No
Digital Inputs 1
Digital Outputs 2
Temperature Sensors  3
Cooling  Conduction plate
Dimensions 145mm x 115mm x 23mm
Weight 464g