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Totem Mini Trooper 2 pack, Blue and Yellow


Build your own battle bot and compete against your friends and classmates in various games!

ACTION GAMES: Flip fighting, Sumo, Football, Racing, Battle Royal and more!

Most fun for 2+ players

Kit includes:

  • 1 Blue Mini Trooper

  • 1 Orange Mini Trooper

Recommended age: Play 6yrs+; Assembly 12yrs+




  • Teaching engineering and robotics;

  • Easy to assemble;

  • Lots of different games;

  • Rechargeable battery included;

  • All tools for assembly included;

  • Recommended age: play 6 and up; assembly 12 and up.


Control with your smartphone or tablet


Mini Troopers are made from solid and durable parts that are used in higher level robotics. Learn to use robotics tools and discover real life engineering solutions.

Solid parts:

  • 1x X3-FBI board – Bluetooth motor controller;

  • Motors: 2 x DC; 1 x Servo;

  • Mechanical parts: sturdy parts, just like in real life engineering;

  • Tools: Totem magnetic screwdriver with super strong magnetic grip and other tools needed for the assembly included.


  • Push potential: 1200 g.

  • Lifting potential: 170 g.

  • Speed: 0.9 m/s.

  • Weight: 310 g.

  • Battery life: 25 min.

  • Assembly time: ~4 hours.