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Steel S-Type Load Cell - 100kg (C3), FRC4164_0


This 100kg load cell measures tensile forces (e.g. hanging loads).

Load cells are used to measure weight or forces. They require a load cell interface to function.


  • Measures up to 100 kilograms
  • C3 Grade - higher accuracy and better stability
  • Can be used in both tension and compression
  • Works with all Phidget Load Cell Interfaces

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

  Controlled By   Bridge Input
  Sensor Type   S-Type Load Cell
  Load Cell Accuracy Class   * C3
  Weight Capacity Max   100 kg
  Maximum Overload   150 kg
  Creep   100 g/hr
  Zero Balance   ± 1.5 kg
  Cell Repeatability Error Max   ± 50 g
  Cell Non-Linearity Max   50 g
  Cell Hysteresis Max   50 g

Electrical Properties

  Rated Output   2 mV/V
  Rated Output Error Max   ± 4 µV/V
  Output Impedance   350 Ω
  Supply Voltage Max   18 V DC

Physical Properties

  Operating Temperature Min   -10 °C
  Operating Temperature Max   40 °C
  Cable Length   3 m
  Material   Steel
  Screw Thread Size   M12