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P16-P Linear Actuator with Feedback, P16-100-64-12-P


The P16 is the next generation of actuator from Actuonix Motion Devices. It boasts a compact side by side design with a planetary gearbox These units offer higher speeds, higher forces and longer life than our other units.


The P16-P series actuators offer an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller. The "P" series is compatible with our Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC) to give the "P" series the ability to be controlled via USB (using our Configuration Utility Software), 0-5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo or PWM. Using the LAC, you can adjust actuator speed, end limits and sensitivity directly from the board. Our "P" series actuators to not have end-limit switches, however used with the LAC board offers stall protection.

You can use your P16-P as a Linear Servo by using it with our LAC (Linear Actuator Control) board. This combination has all the same functionality as the L12-I plus USB support, speed control, sensitivity control, position control, and adjustable end limits. 

Our P16-P actuators are ideal for projects that require lots of force as well as a custom stroke length or a lower speed than our stock units. Using our LAC board saves you designing a custom controller or a custom actuator.

The P16-P line includes 12 unique models featuring:

  • Stroke lengths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 50N (11lbs) and 300N (67lbs) and speeds between 4.8mm/s and 46mm/s
  • Available only in 12V

All of our Linear actuators come with a hardware kit to make mounting simple.

Technical Datasheets

P16 Datasheet
P16 Series 3D Files (IGES)