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OPTO Input Board, OPTO


The I/O 24 Opto Input Board is a very useful accessory which allows the user to connect signals from 3 to 24V AC or DC to the I/O ports of either the USB I/O24, or the Ether I/O24 via 8 optically isolated input channels.


Each of the input channels is electrically isolated from all other channels and the I/O24 module preventing signals from other channels interfering with each other and damage to the I/O24 module. The input channels also have LED's to indicate when a signal is present on the channel.

The connections to the input channels on the opto input board are by screw terminals that will accept cables 0.5 – 2 mm 1 . The connection between the I/O24 module and the opto input board is via a 30 cm IDC connection cable. This cable is provided with the board.

The board has been designed to a 72mm standard width so that it can easily be mounted in DIN rail mounting modules. 

  • 8 x Opto Insulated Inputs for each of the I/O24 port pins

  • LED indication for opto status

  • Screw Terminal Blocks for Opto inputs

  • Easy connection by 0.1" pitch 10-way box header to suit standard IDC connectors for connection to the I/O port on the I/O 24 Modules

  • Dimensions 4.3 X 2.8 inches (110 X 72 mm)