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Cytron UNO Special Edition - Arduino® Compatible, CT-UNO-SE


At its core, the CT-UNO-SE is essentially an Arduino UNO R3 with a twist – it has unique side connectors that allows it to be stacked on TOP or at the Bottom of a shield, opening up a world of possibilities. This means you get all the advantages of the classic Arduino UNO R3, combined with the convenience of expanded connectivity.


What sets the CT-UNO-SE apart from the rest? Here are some of the impressive features that make this board a standout choice for makers, engineers, and hobbyists alike:

1. Faster Bootloading:
The CT-UNO-SE is equipped with the UNO Optiboot bootloader, ensuring lightning-fast program loading. Say goodbye to tedious waiting and hello to swift project development.

2. Enhanced Stability:
Thanks to the ubiquitous FTDI FT231X USB serial chip, you can expect rock-solid stability in your serial communications. No more connectivity hiccups or data transfer glitches.

3. Wide Voltage Range:
With an input voltage range of DC 7-15V, the CT-UNO-SE adapts effortlessly to your power supply, offering flexibility in various applications.

4. Robust Voltage Regulation:
It features a 1A (maximum) 5V voltage regulator and a 500mA (maximum) 3.3V voltage regulator, ensuring steady and reliable power distribution to your components.

5. Versatile I/O Pins:
Enjoy 14 Digital I/O pins, including 6 PWM outputs, and 6 Analog Inputs, providing you with the flexibility needed to craft intricate projects.

6. Ample Memory:
With 32KByte Flash Memory, 2KByte SRAM, and 1KByte EEPROM, you'll have more than enough storage to bring your ideas to life.

7. R3 Shield Compatibility:
The CT-UNO-SE is fully compatible with R3 shields, making it a seamless fit for your existing accessories and expanding your project potential.

8. User-Friendly LEDs:
TX, RX, Power, and pin 13 LEDs have been strategically moved to the edge of the board for convenient monitoring of your project's status.

9. Modern Design:
With its sleek white PCB, the CT-UNO-SE not only excels in functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Elevate your Arduino experience with the CT-UNO-SE. Whether you're a seasoned maker or just starting your journey into the world of electronics, this Special Edition board is your ticket to innovation, creativity, and limitless possibilities.