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Adding wireless communication to your robot project can give it a whole new range of possibilities, unleash your robot from the limitations of wires and let it roam free! From Wi-Fi communication to GPS and Cellular phone interfaces we have a range of products that allow you to interface with your project in new ways. GPS receivers to give your position anywhere in the world and aid in environment mapping or navigation. Radio control interfaces for remote vehicle control and even audio and video streaming transmitters for remote sensing and exploration.

Bluetooth transceivers to add short range wireless data communication, or Wi-Fi for longer range or higher bandwidth applications, we also offer Easy Radio modules so you can transmit data up to 250m line of sight. Also available are a wide range of antennas for a variety of transmission frequencies. When building a project with RF transmitters be sure to select one that adheres to your home locations civilian transmission frequency bands, RF transmitters in our store are marked with the frequency band and designed country of operation.

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