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Resistor Values 100 Ohm to 10M Ohm, RESISTORS

As low as £0.20

5% accuracy 1/4 watt resistors to get you started with your experiments.

Individual resistors ranging from 100 Ohm up to 10 Meg Ohm


Resistor Values

100 Ω 470 Ω 1.0K Ω 2.2K Ω 4.7K Ω
100K Ω 220K Ω 300K Ω 360K Ω 470K Ω
680K Ω 1.0M Ω 1.3M Ω 1.5M Ω 2.2M Ω
2.7M Ω 3.3M Ω 3.6M Ω 3.9M Ω 4.3M Ω
4.7M Ω 5.1M Ω 5.6M Ω 6.2M Ω 6.8M Ω
7.5M Ω 8.2M Ω 9.1M Ω 10M Ω  


Ω ≡ Ohm

K = Kilo ( 1 x 10³ = 1000 )

M = Meg