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Parallax robotics products are among the best on the market. The brand sells a huge range of components as well as complete robot kits. One of the best Parallax robotics kits for enthusiastic learners is the Activitybot. With high functionality and relatively low complexity, it has developed a reputation as an excellent starting place for robotics. It is ideal for first-time builders, and is also an excellent entry point for learning robotics and related engineering concepts in the classroom. For more experienced builders, we can provide a range of other Parallax robot kits to suit your needs. Parallax are perhaps best-known for BASIC Stamp kits, the innovative technology that made the company's name. BASIC Stamp is a highly capable microcontroller developed by Parallax and used in some of the best robotics builds around. The range of BASIC Stamp kits on offer includes discovery kits for those who are new to microcontroller programming and a wide range of kits for the more advanced user. BASIC Stamp development boards and modules are also available for those who want to put together their own, customised setup. Parallax also offer a very wide selection of high-quality components. These include servos, motors, switches and controller parts. Displays and an assortment of hardware and accessories also feature among the high-quality range of robotics products on offer from Parallax.
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