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5mm Bore Shaft Mount Bevel Gears - 24 Teeth


Build right angle drives inside or outside of channel with these 32 pitch bevel gears.

We offer them in four bore sizes, 1/4”, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.


Great for building differentials or any application where you need to transfer rotational motion 90 degrees. Sold individually with set-screw.

Please note: Bevel gears require a specific matching gear since the angle of the teeth is a variable based on tooth count.  An Actobotics 24 tooth bevel gear must mate with another Actobotics 24 tooth bevel gear - it is not compatible with any other tooth count gear.  An Actobotics 32 tooth bevel gear must be mated with an Actobotics 16 tooth bevel gear.

The set screw requires a 3/32” Hex Key (sold separately).

 # of teeth  24T
 Material  Hardened Brass
 Weight  0.43 oz (12g)