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40 Ways Male to Female Jumper Wire, WR-JW-40MF


These are very handy 40-way 20 cm length of rainbow jumper wires. You can use them for making wire harnesses or jumpering between headers on PCBs.


These premium jumper wires are a little over 7.9" (20cm) long and come in a 'strip' of 40 (4 pieces of each of ten colors). They have 0.1"(100 mils) sockets on either end and fit cleanly next to each other on standard-pitch 0.1" (2.54mm) header. You can always pull the ribbon wires off to make individual jumpers, or keep them together to make neatly organized wire harnesses. And with these features, these jumper wires are very suitable for Raspberry Pi, Maker UNO, breadboards, and other microcontrollers.