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37 in 1 Sensors Kit for Arduino

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Introducing the Ultimate 37-in-1 Sensors Kit for Arduino - Unleash Your Creative Potential!

Are you an Arduino enthusiast, hobbyist, or a tech-savvy tinkerer looking to take your projects to the next level? Look no further! Our 37-in-1 Sensors Kit for Arduino is the perfect companion for all your innovative ideas and experiments.

Extensive Sensor Variety: With a whopping 37 high-quality sensors included, you'll have an incredibly versatile toolbox at your disposal. From motion detection to temperature sensing, sound monitoring, and more, this kit covers it all!

Plug-and-Play Compatibility: Designed specifically for Arduino, each sensor in the kit comes with easy-to-use connectors, making it a breeze to integrate them into your projects. No complicated wiring or soldering required!

Comprehensive Tutorials: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Arduino user, our kit comes with detailed tutorials and sample codes to help you get started quickly. You'll be able to dive into exciting projects in no time.


High-Quality Components: We take pride in providing only the highest quality sensors, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

Expand Your Creativity: The possibilities are endless with this kit. From home automation, environmental monitoring, robotics, to IoT projects, you'll find the right sensor for every application.

Versatile Storage Case: Keeping your sensors organized has never been easier. Our kit comes with a sturdy storage case that securely holds each sensor in place, preventing any damage or loss.

Excellent Gift Choice: Whether it's for a tech-savvy friend, a student exploring electronics, or even yourself, this 37-in-1 Sensors Kit is an ideal gift for any occasion.

Don't miss the chance to revolutionise your Arduino projects with our all-inclusive 37-in-1 Sensors Kit. Unlock endless possibilities and create projects that will impress and amaze! Get yours today and start building the future you've always envisioned.

No. Sensor Module Description
1 2-Axis Analog Joystick Get precise control over two axes for gaming, robotics, and more.
2 Relay Control high-voltage devices with ease and build smart home systems.
3 Big Sound Microphone Detect audio signals and create sound-reactive projects.
4 Small Sound Microphone Perfect for smaller audio detection applications.
5 Tracking IR Sensor Create line-following robots and obstacle detection systems.
6 Avoidance IR Sensor Enable your projects to avoid obstacles intelligently.
7 Flame Sensor Detect flames or other heat sources for safety mechanisms.
8 Linear Hall Sensor Detect magnetic fields with high accuracy.
9 Touch Sensor Add touch-sensitive capabilities to your gadgets.
10 Digital Temperature Sensor Measure temperature with a thermistor.
11 Active Buzzer Produce audio output for alerts and sound effects.
12 Passive Buzzer (Piezo Buzzer) Create sound signals or melodies.
13 RGB LED (Through-hole) Get ready for colourful lighting effects.
14 SMD RGB LED Small and versatile surface-mounted RGB LED.
15 Two-Color LED (Through-hole) Enjoy dual-color lighting options.
16 Mini Two-Color LED Compact and versatile two-color LED.
17 Reed Switch Detect magnetic fields and create magnetic switches.
18 Mini Reed Switch A smaller version for space-constrained projects.
19 Heartbeat Sensor Monitor heart rate or pulse for health-related applications.
20 7 Color Flash Auto Flash LED Witness mesmerising auto-flashing LED effects.
21 Laser Emitter Utilise laser technology in your projects.
22 Button (Push Button) Add interactive user input to your creations.
23 Shock Sensor Detect vibrations and build motion-based projects.
24 Rotary Encoders Measure rotation angles accurately.
25 Light Cup (2x) Monitor light levels or create light-based projects.
26 Ball Switch Detect impacts or collisions for safety systems.
27 Tilt Switch (Mercury) Detect tilting or orientation changes.
28 Photoresistor (LDR) Measure light levels for lighting control.
29 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Monitor environmental conditions.
30 Analog Hall Sensor Measure magnetic fields with analog output.
31 Hall Magnetic Sensor Detect the presence of magnetic fields.
32 18B20 Temperature Sensor Accurately measure temperature.
33 Analog Temperature Sensor (Thermistor) Measure temperature with analog output.
34 IR Emission Emit infrared signals for remote control applications.
35 IR Receiver Decode infrared signals from remote controls.
36 Tap Module: Create tap-based input for your projects.
37 Light Blocking Sensor Detect light interruptions or object presence.
Storage Case Segregated compartments to organise and store sensors.