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32P, 20 Tooth, 15T D1 Spline Servo Mount Gear (Metal), 615284


This 20 tooth servo gear has a 15 tooth servo spline found on numerous Hitec Large Size (aka Giant Scale) servos.


The splined hole allows this servo gear to fit snugly onto the splined output shaft of your servo. The stock servo screw will pull the gear in place so that it bottoms out on the top of the spline, ensuring the gear will run true.

Given the repeating hole pattern of Actobotics Channel, this gear is most commonly mated to an 76 tooth hub gear spaced 1.5” apart to create a 3.8 reduction between the servo gear and the driven gear.

20° Pressure Angle
Width = 1/4” (.250”)

# of teeth 20T
Pitch Diameter 0.625"
OD 0.687"
Material Brass
Bore D15T Spline
Weight 8.7g