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3112_0 K-Type Thermocouple Extension Wire, 3112


This K-type thermocouple extension wire can be purchased by the meter, allowing for additional customization of your temperature sensing system. If you order multiple meters of wire in a single order, it will ship as one long piece.


When you connect it to your thermocouple, be sure to hook it up as follows:

Wire Colour Polarity
Red -
Yellow +


If you hook the wire up backwards, you may experience unpredictable data and incorrect measurements.

You can attach this extension wire to the 3111_0 - K-type Thermocouple Connector in order to solderlessly connect the wire to your thermocouple.

Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple Type


Physical Properties

Cable Gauge

24 AWG

Insulation Material

Flame Retardant PVC

Operating Temperature Min

-26 °C

Operating Temperature Max

105 °C