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1x15A Motor Controller (30A Peak), 3105-0101-0015


This motor speed controller by goBILDA from Servocity is a compact, easy way to control the speed and direction of a brushed DC motor! 



  • Receiver:

    If you are using an RC receiver, simply plug this 3-wire connector into the desired channel. The built-in 6V BEC (which can supply 3A continually) will power your receiver via the red wire. It can also be plugged into a servo controller or an Arduino (via jumper wires) or anything that can produce a PWM signal. It responds proportionally to a signal between 1050 - 1950 microseconds. This range was chosen to allow most standard radio systems to achieve the full motor power without reprogramming.

  • 12-24V In:

    Plug a battery or power supply (12-24V) into the XT30 connector. XT30 connectors are keyed, which prevents them from being plugged in backwards.

  • Motor:

    If you are rocking a Yellow Jacket or other motor which has 3.5mm bullet connectors, just plug it in! If your motor does not have bullet connectors, check out our bullet connector leads and adaptors.  Brushed DC motors are reversible so you don't need to worry about plugging it in backwards. If the motor spins the wrong direction, just swap the red and black wires.


The case has four holes, spaced on a 32mm square. This allows the motor controller to align with the 8mm grid pattern found throughout the goBILDA lineup of parts.  Simply grab some M4 hardware (the case is 12mm thick so make sure to get screws that will reach through the case and into a nut or threads in a nearby part) and fasten it down.  Have multiple motor controllers? - Stack them!  If you're not working with goBILDA parts, and just need to fasten the motor controller to a surface that is void of any holes, use the case as a template to mark the proper hole locations.  The mounting holes have a 4mm diameter which is also compatible with #8 (yes, imperial) screws if your DIY project has you digging through random bits of hardware to piece your project together.  


The board has safety features built in to protect it from silly wiring errors and/or punishment beyond what it should be asked to hold up to.  While the XT30 connector itself is keyed, we know that sometimes input connectors get removed and/or replaced so we added reverse voltage protection.  The board also has over current protection that will kick in if your motor is pulling so much current that there's risk of damaging the board.  In similar fashion, if the motor controller gets too hot, it will shut down until the temperature reduces to a reasonable level. The case itself is another line of defense, protecting the electronics within from physical abuse as your project gets bashed around.

Weight 41g (1.44oz)
Channels  1
Motor Type  Brushed DC
Control Input  RC (1050-1950μsec PWM Signal)
Input Voltage Range (Recommended) 12-24VDC
Input Voltage Range (Limit) 9-30VDC
Max Current (Continuous) 15A
Current Throttle Threshold 25A
BEC Voltage 6VDC
BEC Max Current 3A