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1502 Series 4mm ID Spacer (5mm OD, 10mm Length) - 4 Pack, 1502-0005-0100


Create distance between parts, reduce a bore size, add a shoulder to a bolt, mount a bearing, or use as a lightweight shaft. Aluminum spacers have tons of uses, and having a variety of sizes on hand while building might be just what you need to tie up the loose ends necessary for the completion of your robot.


These 5mm OD, 10mm length aluminum spacers work well with 3600 Series V-Wheels. While we offer several shoulder standoffs to hold v-wheels at specific heights, there are times when you need the ability to mount the wheels at a non-conventional height. These spacers will slide down inside of the v-wheels and allow you to mount the wheels to threaded holes using M4 screws without applying unwanted axial pressure on the bearings.


  Weight   0.19g Each
  Material   Aluminum
  Finish   Clear Anodized