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1018_3B Phidget InterfaceKit 8/8/8 , 1018_3B


The Phidgets workhorse. Connect sensors, control outputs, and read in digital inputs.


We have a limited supply of the new 1018_3B available.

Due to parts and components going obsolete and becoming unavailable, the 1018_3B has moved to a new processor that is not supported under Phidget21. If you're using our old libraries you must upgrade to Phidget22 before you can make use of this Phidget.

The 1018 PhidgetInterfaceKit provides 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 8 analog inputs. This Phidget connects to your computer via USB.


  • Analog Inputs: measure the 0-5V signal produced by one of our many analog sensors
  • Digital Inputs: read the state of a switch or button
  • Digital Outputs: drive an LED, relay or transistor

Technical Details:

  • Adjustable data rate - Sampling intervals can be set as low as 1ms, or as high as 1 second.
  • Digital Input filtering - Hardware Filter eliminates false triggering from electrical noise.


Controlled By

USB (Mini-USB)

API Object Name

DigitalInput, DigitalOutput, VoltageInput, VoltageRatioInput

USB Voltage Min

4.5 V DC

USB Voltage Max

5.3 V DC

Current Consumption Min

12 mA

Current Consumption Max

500 mA

Recommended Wire Size

16 - 26 AWG

USB Speed

Full Speed

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

Voltage Inputs

Number of Voltage Inputs


Voltage Resolution

* 100µV - 5 mV DC

Input Impedance

1 MΩ

Input Voltage Min

0 V DC

Input Voltage Max

5.3 V DC

Sampling Interval Min

0.001 s/sample

Sampling Interval Max

1 s/sample

Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs


Pull-up Resistance

15 kΩ

Low Voltage Max (True)

1 V DC

High Voltage Min (False)

1.8 V DC

Low Voltage Trigger Length Min

4 ms

High Voltage Trigger Length Min

15 ms

Digital Input Voltage Max

± 5.3 V DC

Digital Input Update Rate

125 samples/s

Digital Outputs

Number of Digital Outputs


Series Resistance

220 Ω

Digital Output Current Max

50 mA

Digital Output Voltage Min

0 V DC

Digital Output Voltage Max

5 V DC